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Replete Biotics

Scientists and medical professionals are beginning to learn about the tremendous impact that microorganisms play in health, illness, and our environment. But collecting, processing and storing bacteria in a clean, quick, and inexpensive fashion is not easy.

Replete Biotics is a research and development company with a unique and practical focus of developing medical devices tailored to collecting, protecting, and preserving microbiota. Some of the smartest people in the world are studying the human microbiome as it relates to everything from obesity to cancer. It is the goal of Replete Biotics to make their work easier, more efficient, more reliable, and more accessible.

  •  Designed by a healthcare professional to meet the needs of the growing community of microbiome investigators, the devices produced are easy to use, don’t require special equipment, and help solve some of the biggest barriers to advancing microbiome-based therapies.
  •  With the Replete G device patented and in validation studies, and additional devices and modifications in various stages of prototyping, patenting, and production, Replete Biotics is positioned to evolve to meet the needs of the rapidly advancing field of microbiome studies.

Whether it’s for more accurate testing, easier sample banking, or process standardization, think of Replete Biotics.


Replete Biotics is honored to have been an invited participant in the White House National Microbiome Initiative

Replete Biotics is a winner of the Bugs, Drugs & Beyond QuickFire Challenge, launched by Johnson & Johnson Innovation and the Janssen Microbiome Institute (JHMI) and is a JLABS@TMC company