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The human microbiome has become one of the most fascinating areas of interest in modern medicine, with the gut/fecal bacteria being the most investigated and promising components of the human microbiome studies. Unfortunately preparing fecal material for clinical use or accurate and reproducible fecal microbiome testing (1,2) is messy and unpleasant. Scientists and health-care professionals have better things to do with their time and talents than stirring feces in a cup(4), mixing it in a blender(3), or getting it back out of a squishy bag(5).

While scientists are trying to expand the frontiers of science and medicine, we at Replets Biotics have developed a practical solution to the “yuck” problem. We offer an efficient, odorless, closed system that can prepare fecal material for analysis or preservation without any special equipment. Our patented device has the following features:

  • Patented air flow regulators allow for an anaerobic environment, while reducing/eliminating odor
  • Port for adding diluent, cryoprecipitate, probiotics, prebiotics, antibiotics, or anything else
  • Internal blender blades and strainer screens homogenize and strain the sample
  • Material may easily be extracted without opening the system
  • Disposable, eliminating the need for cleaning
  • Suitable for fecal microbiome analysis, fecal microbiome banking/transplant, or fecal microbiome ex vivo investigations

Validation studies are in process. Initial validation studies will focus on: Validation of reduced intra-sample variability post homogenization, impact of processing within an anaerobic environment, end user feedback, and measuring processing efficiency compared to alternate techniques.

After being first introduced to the concept of curing C-Diff with a fecal transplant in December 2011, I started thinking there had to be a better way of preparing feces to help eradicate C-Diff.  After reading about all of the other ailments showing correlation with intestinal microbiome dysbiosis, I was convinced that fecal bacteria could do more than treat C-Diff. After being selected to attend the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy ‘National Microbiome Initiative’ I decided it was time to commit to getting the Replete G device to market. Designed by a healthcare professional, and built to be used by anyone anywhere, the Replete G is ready to make fecal microbiome processing as easy as blood banking.

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